Augusto Stone: funerary art and slabs

Augusto'Stone commercial activity is part of the oldest traditions in Tuscany: the stone processing.

Since ancient times stone has been used as furniture or to adorn the beautiful historical centres and the villas in the nearby Lucca and its province.

Marble and stone have become a real part of the culture in Versilia. Moreover, they brought a new productivity to the area, which involved the research of new technical solutions over the years. This was the beginning of a new productivity, which characterised and still continues the economy of this area.

The growth of the artistic marble work was as important as the industrial one. Pietrasanta, where Augusto'Stone is located, is the main artistic centre. In fact, this small town had and still has today international sculptors as guests.

Augusto'Stone distribute blocks, slabs and half-finished products in stone and prestigious marbles. The company manager, Dazzi Augusto, has a long experience as owner of a Cardoso stone quarry and in the manufacturing and distribution of any type of marble, granite and stone products.

Augusto'Stone propose a selection of high-quality products, varying from the block directly from the quarry to the finished product ready for installation.

Augusto'Stone is sole distributor of: Pietra di Matraia, Pietra del Cardoso and Rosso Levanto.

Other materials available are : Marmo Statuario, Giallo Siena, Black Absolute Granite and Shivakashi yellow directly form the quarry to supply blocks, slabs or half-finished products.
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